Reducing Latency with Cloudscene

Did you know that gamers are twice as likely to abandon a game if they experience even a few milliseconds of latency, or lag? Latency refers to the delay between pressing a button on a controller and the action taking place in the game. More technically, latency is the time it takes your gaming device to transfer data to the server and back to the device.


Latency occurs for a variety of reasons, including the geographical location of the server, the quality of internet connection or even the type of IT infrastructure gamers or gaming companies use. 

Digital platforms, like Cloudscene Marketplace, can help enterprises mitigate the risk of latency by connecting them with reliable network service providers from around the world. Companies can search for vendors by service type or geographical location, depending on their specific business goals and needs. 

Cloudscene can connect gaming companies with edge data centres to establish more Points of Presence (PoP’s), ensuring that their customers are connected to a server nearby. Or businesses can choose from one of the 220 Network Fabric providers on the platform to secure faster internet.

Whatever your network requirements are, Cloudscene is an essential tool for businesses looking to improve or expand their operations. If you’re ready to kickstart your digital procurement and sales activities, create a free Cloudscene account now and discover Cloudscene Marketplace, where buyers and sellers connect.

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