Edge Data Centres and Cloud Gaming; You can’t have one without the other

In our increasingly connected world, it’s no surprise that online or ‘cloud’ gaming is growing fast, with estimates showing that the industry will be worth $79 billion by 2025. As more gaming services switch to the online model, quality network performance is crucial to retaining customers.


We’ve taken a look into this trend and have outlined why edge data centres (edge DC’s) are and will continue to be vital to the success of the online gaming industry: 

Edge data centres reduce latency
Studies show that gamers are twice as likely to quit a game if they experience any latency or lag while playing, with 72% stating that they will play a slow game for less than 10 minutes before switching off. Edge DC’s reduce latency by setting up high-power points of presence (PoPs) closer to gamers and their devices. By connecting as many PoP’s as possible, gaming companies can provide their customers with the bandwidth they need to support an immersive multiplayer experience and mitigate the risk of latency.

Supports innovation
5G innovation hubs enable developers to create new games and test improvements on existing ones. Edge data centers that own and operate their buildings are ideal for these hubs, as they have the resources needed to support these improvements. By partnering with an edge DC, gaming companies don’t need to concern themselves with hardware or bandwidth constraints and are able to focus on creating the best gaming experience possible.

Increase customer base
Online gaming enables users to play from anywhere in the world on practically any device they wish. By increasing the number of PoP’s, gaming companies can expand their user base without sacrificing customer experience. Employing more edge data centres means gamers can play with users in different countries and be confident that they’ll experience the same level of connectivity and have an equal chance of winning.

Opportunity for more revenue
As the demand for faster 5G gaming increases, so will the need for more edge data centres. Research shows that 95% of gamers are willing to pay a higher price for 5G enabled gaming services, with 60% saying that they’d happily pay 50% more than what they currently spend. This is a massive opportunity for the gaming sector to simultaneously improve customer experience and increase revenue. 


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