Cloud Gaming Is Here To Stay - 5 Reasons Why More Users Are Going Digital

Video games have joined the ever-growing number of services you can stream online. Instead of installing a game to a PC or console, online or ‘cloud’ gaming uses remote servers and a reliable internet connection to transfer data to the app or browser a gamer is using to play. Want to learn more?


Here are 5 reasons why cloud gaming is here to stay and how Cloudscene can help game developers tap into this growing market:

1. Users don’t need expensive equipment to play
One of the attractive features of Cloud Gaming is that it can detect and react to a user's specific input. This means that gamers don’t need to have a Playstation 5 or a slick new graphics card to enjoy a game at its highest quality, they just need a reliable internet connection. 

2. No need for downloads or updates
Traditional gaming consoles or PC’s require users to frequently download updates to run efficiently over a period of time. Cloud games, on the other hand, operate from servers and receive updates directly from developers through the cloud. This means that when an update goes live, it automatically appears on the user's device, saving them both the time and storage space it would have taken them to download. 

3. High game security 
Because Cloud Gaming stores user data on external servers and transfers data through secure internet connections, gamers are much less susceptible to hacking than if their data was stored on a personal console or device.  

4. More versatile than traditional gaming
With Cloud Gaming, users can log in and play anytime and anywhere. Bulky consoles and computers are a thing of the past; by streaming a video game, users can log in on their phones, laptops, TV, even their watches (if you have the dexterity to pull this off, we’re very impressed) as long as they're connected to WIFI.

5. Get in front of more eyeballs
Instead of only being available to those that could afford expensive gaming software, cloud gaming enables more people to join in the fun. This is great for developers as well, as it means that they’re able to engage with a much wider audience and have more people enjoy their game.

How can Cloudscene help?
With Cloudscene, gaming companies can access these benefits by searching and comparing network services to fit their needs. On Marketplace, businesses can connect with data centres, cloud on-ramps, network fabric providers and more, from all over the world to improve their operations and enhance the experience of their users. 

If you’d like to learn more about the platform or have any questions about how Cloudscene can help your business, get in touch with our team or visit our support page; we’re happy to help.

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